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Company History

EuroTrends Research was founded in 1989 and is a marketing consultancy specialising in the plastics and rubber industries.

The company offers a service to manufacturers requiring up-to-date information on market conditions in Europe. Our multiclient reports analyse important end use industries for raw materials and intermediate components.

The company has published a series of reports on composites and was the first to analyse the use of plastics in electrical connectors and rubber in window gaskets.

Private Reseach

In addition to the multiclient studies listed on this site, the consultancy carries out private research projects, combining in-house data with field interviews to produce comprehensive reports including market analysis, competitive activity, pricing levels and prospects for growth.

About 30% of our research is commissioned by private clients. The company works in all European countries using skilled interviewers with technical expertise.

How We Work

Once the project has been defined, the interview programme is discussed with the client, allocating the proposed schedule into telephone interviews and visits. Time is allowed for desk research and completion of the final report.

Skills Available

In addition to our multiclient studies on thermoplastics, thermosetting composites, adhesives and sealants, we undertake private studies to assess the performance of leading players in the market, the importance of pricing policy, distribution and technical service.


  • size of the market
  • growth rates
  • price levels
  • competitive activity
  • distribution methods
  • preferred supplier

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